Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Michael Phelps smokes pot... so fucking what? The guy is an American hero, and quite possibly the greatest Olympian of our time. Cut the man some slack. Am I the only one who thinks people need to ease up? Americans are so quick to build someone up and even quicker to tear them down. They act as if sports stars and others in the entertainment industry are perfect. They're not perfect people, so lower your standards a bit. Number one, they're not role models. If you're modeling yourself after anyone, that's pretty fucking sad. Be yourself. Be original. Sure you can want to achieve what others have, but you don't have to be a cookie cutter copy of that person. What really blows my mind is how Paris Hilton can be famous for being a whore, yet Michael Phelps smokes pot and he's the worlds biggest fuck up. How come she doesn't lose her endorsements? How come I see women all the time trying to be just like her? America needs to open its eyes to the reality of human nature and that is that man is by nature a sinner. We all screw up. Quit acting so shocked that famous people do the same things that you do at home. The only difference is that no one is watching your monkey ass 24/7 to take a picture and point out every time that you're immoral and you screw up. Save the drama for ya mama America. Wise up and worry about some important shit, like the future of our country.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Word.

Just a side note from a non pot smoker, it's about time we legalize it. There are a lot more dangerous legal drugs out there. And to Mr. Phelps, the next time you decide to get high with some college kids, stay the hell away from a bunch of nerds at the University of South Carolina. They're the fucking Gamecocks for crying out loud. Party with some real college kids over at UGA, they won't sell you out. Fuckin Lamecocks... what the hell were you thinking?

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  1. lol...he's still an idiot for doing it, but the tabloids are blowing it way out of proportion