Thursday, February 26, 2009

Songs Named After Women

There must be a hundred songs named after girls. Well, maybe not a hundred, but at least 31, as Stewie is about to find out...

"Go Fuck Yourself!"

Here are just a couple of my favorite songs named after chicks. The first is Minnie the Moocher performed by the great jazz legend Cab Calloway. This is a clip from the movie Blues Brothers. This is such a great movie and it's so awesome that Cab done the song seeing as how he was doing in in the 40's!

"Hi dee hi dee hi dee ho"

Sorry about the part where the Brothers speak German. Its the only clip I could find that the embedding wasn't disabled. I had a similar problem with my next video. I originally wanted Billie Jean, but luckily Wacko Jacko named another song after a chick, and I like it just as much. So here's Dirty Diana from 1987...

"I'll be your everything, if you make me your star"

I remember hearing this song as a kid and entering puberty prematurely. It takes a damn good song to make you feel dirty at age six! lmao. So leave me a comment and tell me your favorite song named after a woman.

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