Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Rock-afire Explosion Cover Band

OK, so I grew up in the 80's, and back then on your birthday, or the occasional church trip, if we were lucky we'd drive to Savannah, GA to see an over sized mouse and eat pizza at the Mecca of skee-ball known back then as Showbiz Pizza. That's right 90's kids, it hasn't always been called Chuck-E-Cheese. One of my favorite parts about going to Showbiz, besides the pizza and skee-ball, was the Rock-afire Explosion. They were the band playing happy songs, led by a keyboard playin gorilla. That band was the creation of a man named Aaron Fletcher, who also invented the Whac-a-mole game in 71'. So this guy is just basically awesome captured in human form. Nowadays he's back to entertaining the same group he was back then, except now we're all adults and The Rock-afire Explosion is now taking requests. I guess the economy is forcing everyone, even animatronic puppets into new gigs. Here they are performing the song "1,000,000" by Nine Inch Nails...

Basically, that is the coolest fucking thing ever. Ev-Ver. I also saw a clip of them doing Lollipop by Lil Wayne and a Shakira song. The best part is that this isn't just pieced together clips. Mr. Fletcher actually choreographed all this. This guy just keeps kicking ass the older he gets! Anyways, seeing this clip reminded me of this bit by one of my favorite comedians Rodney Carrington.

"Do you know how bad you got to fuck up to get banned from Chuck-E's?"

Classic. Thanks to Yesbutnobutyes.com for the heads up on this clip.

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