Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Christian Bale Is A Good Actor... And Apparently An Asshole!

Let me start by saying I really enjoy Christian Bale's acting skills. He is the fucking man on screen, but so is Russell Crowe. And apparently just like Crowe, behind the scenes, Bale is a complete asshole. During the filming of the new Terminator movie, Bale freakin lost it and went ape-shit on the lighting guy for distracting him during a scene. Now, before I go any further, let me say that I understand him being angry. He's a professional and he expects the people he works with to conduct themselves in a professional manner. He's got a job to do and some dumb ass is making it harder by distracting him. But, Bale made a complete fool of himself because he took the incident to a whole new level by blowing it WAY outta proportion. And of course, someone got the whole thing on tape, so we could laugh along at home. I love it. You know what else I love....Family Guy, because they never let me down. Here's Family Guy's spoof of the incident. They mixed the actual audio from the ordeal in with Peter.

"I dropped a peanut M&M and it rolled over here" LMAO

I love the part where he says "you're going to owe a fortune to the swear jar". Which brings me to another clip I love. My all time favorite commercial.

"Will the owner of a white station wagon please go fuck yourself?"

I'm still going to watch his movies, but that audio sample proves the guy is just another Hollywood douche bag. If that doesn't prove it to you, maybe you remember this...CHRISTIAN BALE DENIES ASSAULT ALLEGATION. He assaulted his mother and sister? What a great guy! I repeat... DOUCHE BAG!! (Just a side note that I found humorous, Spellcheck just informed me that Douche Bag is two words as opposed to the way I was writing it, douchebag. lmao! Who knew douche bag was in Spellcheck? Also I find it funny that it didn't say anything about the word ape-shit.)

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