Thursday, February 19, 2009

E Trade Baby

I love a good commercial and right now one of my favorites is the E-Trade Baby. I saw a new one tonight and it cracked me up. Apparently it was played during the Superbowl, but seeing as how I was at work, I didn't get to see it. Anyways, here it is along with a few more I like and one good spoof.

"What? I can't flex the golden pipes?"

"Frank, it was on the cart path, why don't you try reading the rules, Shankapotamus"

"Her online profile says she's 5'11", I'm like pounds maybe"

"I really underestimated the creepiness"

"That piece of shit up there, I never liked him, I never trusted him"

I'll never get tired of these. I hope they keep them coming.

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