Friday, February 6, 2009

The Hybrid Man

A friend of mine posted a blog on why women prefer assholes over the gentleman and it was a blog that spoke to me as I myself have expirienced this firsthand. It was a pretty good blog, as most of her blogs normally are, and it inspired me to comment on it. As I started writing this entirely too long comment, I decided to turn it into a blog of my own to share with you guys and I'd love to hear ya'lls opinion on the matter, especially the ladies. Well heres a brief rundown of her reasons women prefer assholes and the good guy is left behind:
1. We like assholes because they are confident in who they are. Women do not want to hold your hand and tell you everything is going to be okay.
2. We like assholes because they are sarcastic and challenge our intellectual side. Yes conversations are great, but a debate where you actually stand up for your beliefs with passion are so much more respectable. Too often men now cower down just to make their spouse happy. They allow them to be right, when all she wants is for you to stand up for yourself so she can be proud of you.
3. Assholes don't have feminine voices. What the hell is up with all the men sounding like bitches now? Ok there is nothing sexy about having sex with someone who sounds more like a woman than you. Unless its another chic, but then why do we need you.
4. Assholes make fun of us. Contrary to popular belief, women do liked to get picked on. We like getting embarressed from time to time. We like men who make dumbasses out of theirselves just to make us laugh.
5. Assholes are better in bed. There is only so much "love" making before that shit gets B_O_R_I_N_G!..... Most women are so dominent in society that we like it when a man takes charge when we get home. We like knowing we are the weaker of the species. We want to feel a fire of passion and pass out with exhaustion. But really thanks for wanting to make us feel special.
6. Assholes are not afraid to stand up for themselves or us. Most men avoid fights or altercations. If someone insults your girl or you in front of her, have some dignity and stand up for them or yourself. I am not saying you should get in a fight everytime someone looks at you the wrong way, but don't run from every scenario making yourself look like a pussy or to afraid to defend your girls honor. Honestly it makes you look weak and that a turn off for every gurl, whether they admit it or not.
7. Assholes don't cry. There is nothing wrong with having emotions but most men cry over everything now. If you cry over an insult, shame on you. We live in reality and its a cruel world, and though we have strong shoulders for our men, we don't like wet clothes. Its okay to express how you feel but don't cry if she is going somewhere without you, or just needs a break, more than likely your weakness is the reason she is running.
8. Assholes give you space. Men now want to spend every second with their counterparts. Its annoying. An asshole doesn't care if you leave for a little while, it gives them time to spend with more assholes like them. Women like freedom to be who they are, not who they are with.
And here is my reply to that:
I agree with this for the most part, but not totally. When I moved from Georgia to California (1999-2003), I couldnt comprehend why most of my guy friends from other parts of the country (mainly urban areas) were such dicks when it came to chicks. I was actually pretty successful with women on southern charm alone, but I couldnt keep a woman (I ussually got left for the dickhead). Eventually, I slowly transformed from a Georgia boy into a California Dickhead, and I got laid alot more and held some great (albeit brief) relationships, but it wasnt who I am, and I felt like shit as to way I treated women, but pussy is hard to argue with. Anyways, eventually I made it back to Georgia, and I shook those bad habits. Although now that Im no longer married and back on the dating scene, Ive realized that I have to blend the two personalities. The southern gentleman with just a tinge of dickhead is the perfect man. Yin and Yang, the dark side and the force, The NRA and PETA.... they balance each other out. So realize that you dont have to have a full blown dickhead to be happy. You can have a man who stands his ground, but actually cares what you have to say... a man who lay the pimp hand down on Jesus himself if he stepped out of line and insulted you, but isnt going to get thrown in to jail everytime yall go to the bar together... a man who will pick on you from time to time, but who wouldnt emberass you in front of friends and family.... a man who doesnt cry, but will occasionally give you a glimpse of his heart... a man who doesnt want to spend every second with you, but does miss you even when he's out with his boys... a man who is confident in who he is, but sometimes needs your reassurance that he is in fact the shit... a man who makes love to you like youre his woman and not some slut, but who will indeed fuck the shit out of you after yall go out and get drunk together... and finally i agree a man doesnt have a feminine voice....I dont know what that Bitch shit is about either...lmao. So women, get a hybrid man and enjoy!!
Well, like I said, I'd love to hear your insight into this matter. Im sure Ive probably ruffled some feathers, but Ive found this to be a general truth. Liz's blog can be found here ( ) if you'd like to read the whole thing. Guys in my opinion, the best thing you can do is become a hybrid. Its the best of both worlds, and it seems to be what women want, in some weird, twisted way. I love ya ladies... bitches. lmao. Just kidding about the bitches part. I couldnt resist.
I hope to hear from ya'll on my first of many posts to come. Leave comments and let me know what ya'll think.

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