Saturday, July 4, 2009

Minnesota Senator/ Mick Jagger

Any SNL fan knows that the new senator from Minnesota, Al Franken, is a very funny man, but this impression of Mick Jagger is dead on. Thank God for a funny man in office.

Happy Fourth Of July

The Declaraction of Independece as it was meant to be read...

God bless America! Now, back to drinking...

It All Makes Sense Now

I know he's dead, and I love his music, but this is just fuckin hilarious. Gotta love the explanation that we've all wanted for so long.

"He better notta fucked with my reputation..."

Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Night Jam

It's fourth of July weekend and so Friday night jam is getting it's patrotic on. Here's two great songs to put the proud American in back into you. Enjoy your fireworks and hotdogs.

I know alot of people think Toby Keith used the whole patriotic thing to make money and revive his career. Ya'll can kiss my Marine ass. Like him or not, his music puts chill bumps on the bodies of troops everytime it's played. He makes them feel appreciated during a time when too many Americans don't seem thankful at all.