Thursday, September 30, 2010

What You've Been Missing, Will Be Forever Missed By Me

I consider myself a comedy connoisseur. I've been fascinated with stand up comedy from a very young age. I love to make people laugh, and it's amazing to me that people actually get paid to do this. It was a dream of mine growing up to be a comedian, until I found up that they usually don't make very much money until they're famous. There are very few things I love more than to listen to comedy albums and to watch Comedy Central. I have seen a lot of comedians and have a lot of favorite people to watch. One guy that I discovered several years ago is Greg Giraldo. Most people know him from the show Last Comic Standing and his various roles as a member of the dais(panel) for Comedy Central Roasts. His album Good Day To Cross A River was right up my alley and made me actively seek any performance I could find of him. Sadly, Greg passed away yesterday after an overdose of prescription pills at the age of 44. Like so many other great comedians, he was taken from us way too early. I always tried to get others to listen to him and repeated his jokes as often as I could. He was underrated and unappreciated, but a comic genius none the less. I kept waiting for him to have that break through moment and make it big, unfortunately that will never happen. So, Mr. Giraldo, Rest In Peace. I wish I could've seen you perform live, but I will help your memory live on. I know right now, wherever you are, someone close by is cracking up.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Seriously Needed Laughs

What's up people? Sorry I've been M.I.A. recently, but I've been dealing with some things. Anyways, I had surgery yesterday, and since I'll be out of work for awhile, I should be able to keep ya'll entertained. That being said, I needed some good laughs to pick me up and I ran across some this mornin'. I figured I'd help ya'll get your day started right too. If you don't know who Kevin Hart is, you are missing out. He's one of my favorite stand up comedians and you might recignize him from movies like Death At A Funeral and Soulplane. He recently released a new stand up special Seriously Funny, and it lives up to the name. Here are a few clips from it:

Say it with your chest! Good stuff. I hope ya'll enjoyed that as much as I did.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where Were You?

I was waiting for morning formation in Camp Pendleton, CA when I noticed my fellow Marines huddled around a car. I decided to investigate as to what was so important. They were all listening on the radio as our country was being attacked. What a sad day for America. In honor of everyone have who lost their lives as a result of that day, please take a moment to remember their sacrifices. SFB wants all the firefighters, police, EMTs, and everyone in the Armed Forces to know that we appreciate what you do, and it's because of  your sacrifices that we can live free in this great country of ours.

I will never forget. To all my brothers in arms, Semper Fi.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gotta Love A Dawg With A Mean Bark!

Well the Dawgs started the season out right by beating the brakes off a team they were suppose to beat. Our QB Murray looked great, our defense was stout, and even without our best offensive weapon AJ Green and top running back Washaun Ealey, we still managed to post the biggest win margin of the Mark Richt era.

Even though this was the one defensive mistake of the game, I can't help but love watching our new defensive coordinator Todd Grantham's reaction:

That's the kind of intensity we need. That man has got a little bit of Erk in him. GATA!!! GOOO DAWGS!!!

Ole Miss Is The New GA Tech

I bet they wish they Admiral Ackbar during their battle with Jacksonville State.

He has friggin' laser beams. Thankfully George Lucas isn't going to allow the SEC to be embarrassed like that. Ole Miss embarrassed us enough on their own.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Night Jam!!! Dawgs Edition!!

Poor Superman

Welcome to SFB on this beautiful Friday, which means it's time for yall to enjoy another Friday Night Jam! Well, to honor my favorite time of year, and the best football team in the universe, I bring you Corey Smith's Every Dawg:

The images were from the 07 season, which has been my favorite season as a Dawgs fan. I attended the Ga-Fl game that year, which still stands as the best game I ever attended, the Ga-Ky game, and the Ga-Hi Sugar Bowl. The Dawgs were dominant that season, and got ripped off by the BCS, but it was still an amazing season. It was probably the best season since 2002. We are 24 hrs away from watching them Dawgs tee it up between the Hedges, and I'm excited about what this season has in store. I'm ready to hit Sanford Stadium and Alltel Stadium doing the Bulldawg Bounce all the way:

"The Days of Hershel Walker, We can't take a loss, What other school got players, Named Champ and Boss"

This season the Dawgs finish no worse than 2nd in the SEC east and win atleast 10 games. Mark Richt is far from being on the hot seat and don't be shocked if we bring home a National Championship. This is the season the bell tolls for the Dawgs:



America Isn't Short On Interesting Characters

If you haven't enjoyed this hilarious video yet, get ready for a good laugh.

"Ya need to hide ya kids, hide ya wife, and hide ya husband cause they raping errrbody out here!"

If Heaven Ain't A lot Like Dixie...

...I don't wanna go! My girlfriend has a 3yr old daughter named Dixie, and she is definitely a slice of Heaven. I love her so much and she is always making me laugh and smile. She has a grown person inside of her, and it comes out in her amazing personality. The other day, Tonya was letting her kids watch this video and filming their reactions:

Did ya jump? Don't lie. Well, Dixie girl certainly did. Watch her hilarious reaction here:

I think she nearly passed out! And I nearly passed out from laughter. I love my little Dixie girl. She's always quality entertainment. I'm sure all you parents out there feel the same. Children have a special way of making us young again and glow from the inside.