Thursday, September 30, 2010

What You've Been Missing, Will Be Forever Missed By Me

I consider myself a comedy connoisseur. I've been fascinated with stand up comedy from a very young age. I love to make people laugh, and it's amazing to me that people actually get paid to do this. It was a dream of mine growing up to be a comedian, until I found up that they usually don't make very much money until they're famous. There are very few things I love more than to listen to comedy albums and to watch Comedy Central. I have seen a lot of comedians and have a lot of favorite people to watch. One guy that I discovered several years ago is Greg Giraldo. Most people know him from the show Last Comic Standing and his various roles as a member of the dais(panel) for Comedy Central Roasts. His album Good Day To Cross A River was right up my alley and made me actively seek any performance I could find of him. Sadly, Greg passed away yesterday after an overdose of prescription pills at the age of 44. Like so many other great comedians, he was taken from us way too early. I always tried to get others to listen to him and repeated his jokes as often as I could. He was underrated and unappreciated, but a comic genius none the less. I kept waiting for him to have that break through moment and make it big, unfortunately that will never happen. So, Mr. Giraldo, Rest In Peace. I wish I could've seen you perform live, but I will help your memory live on. I know right now, wherever you are, someone close by is cracking up.

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