Monday, February 16, 2009

Baby Faced Dad

By now I'm sure you've at least heard a mention of this, but to actually see it is another thing. Alfie Patten is a 13 year old boy in Britain who recently became a father after his 15 year old girlfriend became pregnant. This is almost becoming the norm, but the crazy part is that the kid looks 8.

"what's financially?"

This speaks highly on the sad state of affairs in this world. The kid didn't even understand the word financially. I fathered a child at 21 and I wasn't ready to be a father. The real victim in the whole situation is the baby girl. Her chances for turning out somewhat normal are extremely low at this point. I just hope other kids will see this and learn from it. If you're going to be a 13 year old pimp...wear protection!

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  1. No..Not ok, If my brother even thinks about having!!