Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Morning Beatdown

Good Morning ya'll. I was surfing the web this morning and came across an interesting video of the illegitimate child of Napoleon Dynamite beatboxing... sorta. Here's Hyperactive by Lasse Gjertsen...

Not traditional beatboxing, but definitely an original take on the subject. When I was growing up, I used to love hearing people beatbox. My favorite was Ready Rock C. To this day whenever some mentions beatboxing he always comes to mind. I always felt that no matter how good someone was, they didnt have anything on Ready Rock. So when I got ready to write this article, I had to include him.

He was the greatest of his time, but beat boxing has come a very long way since then. Here are just a few of the amazing beatboxers out there today.

MR. Scratch

My personal favorite.

Felix Zenger



Varmisin Yokmusun

And finally this guy. This is very different, but very awesome.
Greg Patillo and his flute

Aight folks. Theres plenty more out there to be seen. These are just a few I liked. Hope ya'll have a good Monday.

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