Monday, February 23, 2009

A Day In The Life Of Abbey Road

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The above cover to the album Abbey Road is arguably the most famous cover of all time. Coincidentally, it is also consider The Beatles most successful album. It is the most imitated and duplicated cover art ever. The photographer, Iain MacMillan, had only 10 minutes to take the photo. The man in the background on the sidewalk, didn't even know he was in the photo until the album was released. He is a U.S. tourist named Paul Cole. The VW Bug belonged to some people living in the apartments near-by, and it's currently on display in a museum in Germany. Well, because the image is so famous, it remains a major tourist draw and photography spot. Watch this video time lapse of a day in the life of Abbey Road.

This really made me wanna visit there. By the way, I know this is my first posting in several days, but my Internet has been acting up. Sorry about the delay. I live too far in the damn country.

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