Wednesday, February 3, 2010

He's Running Over People!!!

To quote one of my favorite football blogs, "Herschel Walker is the Alpha Human." I couldn't have said it better myself. Last Saturday, just weeks shy of turning 48 years old, Herschel undertook a challenge that came under both fire and praise from critics and fans everywhere. Herschel stepped in the ring as an MMA fighter on a major promotion. Some said that he had no business in the ring. Many were upset to see an amateur on Strikeforce, the closest competitor to the UFC. Most were just curious to see if he had it in him. Herschel just wanted to compete in the sport he loves. And he did just that...

While it wasn't the most exciting fight, Herschel dominated his opponent. Critics say he fought a weak opponent. Well no shit Sherlock. This was his first fight. Meanwhile, his opponent had 2 pro fights under his belt. Walker just didn't want this fight to be a circus act like Jose Canseco's was.

Overall, Herschel proved he could compete, even at 47. He brought eyes to a sport that wouldn't normally have watched. He trained like a mad man at one of the top gyms around. He took the fight seriously and dominated his opponent, just like his glory days on the gridiron.

Herschel's trainer, Javier Mendez, said that if Walker started in the sport at 23, he would have become the single greatest mixed martial arts fighter of all-time. He called Walker the second best conditioned trainee ever, next to Cain Velasquez. Cain is considered by many the best conditioned heavyweight in the sport. Walker owned the football field in his day and I for one am happy to see him taking a stab at another sport I love. Will he ever hold a championship? No. But he will win his fights, and he will do everything in his power to prove he's not to be taken lightly. Just ask Bill Bates or Greg Nagy, who our both now "that other guy" in a Herschel highlight film!

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