Thursday, March 5, 2009

Why I Miss The Marines

The Few, The Proud, The Marines... I've never been so proud as I was the day I graduated boot camp from Parris Island, South Carolina. To this day anytime I get to talk about the Corps or see even a commercial for the Marines, I swell up with pride. The life of being a Marine cannot be described. The Corps is a different world. I originally started this post to get on my soap box and tell you my feelings about the war and the involvement of the media and the everyday American in it. Instead I'll let this clip sum it up...

"You want me on that wall, you need me on that wall"

Basically, my feelings are if you're not a soldier or haven't been one, keep your fucking opinion to yourself. You don't understand what's going on over there and you never will. Get the news cameras out of Iraq and let the soldiers do their job. There is a mission over there that can not be completed in a politically correct manner. It's not pretty, because war is an ugly thing. So either pick up a gun and fight, or shut the fuck up.

Now back to my beloved Marines. After watching that clip, I got all nostalgic. When I watch military movies, particularly ones that involve Marines, I get all pissy. You see, I love a good war movie, but I can't stand the liberties that Hollywood takes because they make the movie fake to me. I see the little things that I know aren't true to life. So when I see truly good flicks about Marines, that really gets it right, I fall in love. They bring back all the right memories, and sometimes nightmares, of the things I miss about being a Marine. The clip from A Few Good Men above is just one of those. Here are couple more of my favorites; this is a close to real life as it gets.

"you will be a minister of death, praying for war"

"Thall shall not kill...FUCK THAT SHIT!"
(I apologize for the video quality, my original was removed and this is the best replacement I could find)

And now for real life...

"get away before you get murdered!"

And now a quick poke at the Army, seeing as how I also was in the Army, I can do that...


Even though I'm a big boy now... that shit is funny. Because atleast when I was active duty, I looked like this...



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  1. Ok,a few things..1) Jarhead isn't working, 2) You were so cute, hell still are, 3) Was that what it was really like when you were in the Marines?. I really liked this post