Thursday, June 4, 2009

If Tim Tebow Played Baseball

570ft Home Runs.

96mph Fastballs.

16yrs Old.

That's how this weeks cover of Sports Illustrated reads.

The person they're calling the Lebron James of baseball is Bryce Harper, a sophmore from Nevada. He's 6'3", 205lbs. He dominates as both a catcher and a pitcher. His bat speed is already faster than Mark McGwire's in his prime. He's so fast that he's scored from 2nd base 6 times this year off wild pitches. Just imagine how much better he can become, seeing as how at 16 he is still a growing boy. This kid is unreal.

P.S. Yeah Yeah... I referenced Tebow in the title. I'm a gator hater to the bone people, but even I have to admit, Tebow is an amazing player. Besides, I'll always have this...

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