Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Night Mega Jam

A legend left us yesterday. Michael Jackson passed at age 50 due to a heart attack. Everyone has mixed feelings about Michael, and due to the circumstances that surrounded the past 10 years of his life, that's ok. I'm not getting into that. What he did or what he didn't do is between him and God. Here's what I know about Michael, the man was born to entertain, and he entertained us better than anyone. His music, stlyle, and dance moves single handly changed and influenced more people's lives than can be imagined. He grabbed our attention from the time he was just a young man in The Jackson 5 and he never let go. Our children's children and every generation after will hear his voice, see his videos, feel his rhythm, and become entranced by the man, the legend, the entertainer... Michael Jackson. R.I.P.

Finally, here's a video of a cop who doesnt realize he's being watched...

Kinda unrelated I know, but the music rocks.

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