Thursday, April 2, 2009

Xtreme Golf!!

The above pics are of the bonus par 3 at the new Legends of Golf & Safari Resort in South Africa known as the "Xtreme 19th". The tee box is located over 1400 feet above the green which is shaped like the continent of Africa. A helicopter ride is required to reach the green. It's more than 630 yards to the green and takes around 30 seconds for your ball to land. It will serve as the playoff hole for all tournaments held there, which will be friggin awesome to watch. It's also pretty affordable to play considering how nice of a course it is. Its only 220 dollars to play all 19 holes, which includes the helicopter ride, souvenirs, and a DVD of your shot. If you happen to get a hole in one, you get a million dollars... no shit. That should pretty much cover all your green fee and expenses. Here's a video of Padraig Harrington and Raphael Jacquelin playing the hole.

This is by far the coolest signature hole in all of golf.

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