Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Awww, Him Thinks He's People

I'm here for the beer and the bitches!

I love dawgs, but I definitely love some more than others. My friends Patti and Aaron have one of the most awesome dogs ever. His name is Tater and he's the very definition of a damn good dawg. Obedient, great temperament, good with other dawgs, and above all else loyal and loving. He ain't some fancy, papered up, pure bred dawg; he's a first class mutt and was free to a good home. And if you know his owners, and us people who love him, you'd know that's why he fits right in amongst us. One of my favorite things Tater does is let himself in from outside and then he closes the friggin door:

That's just awesome, and awesome is what Tater does best!

You gotta be shittin' me.
I don't think you have the spades... fuck it, I'm all in!

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